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Drone Photography Practice

Seattle: Amazing Place for Drone Photography Practice

Nothing will be spectacular than viewing something from above. The use of drones in photography practice will let you capture the total aerial landscape in a different perspective. Perhaps you have not seen like this before. Although drones are made for various reasons like racing drones, selfie drones, stunt drones, and delivery drones, photography drones are not that different from the other types. Photography practice with the use of drones requires a lot of skills. There are issues like safety and privacy concerns that must also be addressed so that excitement in focusing solely in manipulating these toys will be done afterwards. As an amateur and budding photographer, there are…
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sell your home fast in LA

6 Reasons why Homeowners Love Living in LA

LA can seem like a charming city to everyone. Think about Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, and all the interesting places in between. If you’re thinking about moving to LA, you might already know that Los Angeles is another expensive real estate market next to New York. However, there are lots of perks to living in LA that many people are not actually leaving the city. 1. Weather. This is the most obvious reason why people love LA. The weather is mostly the perfect 73 degrees out unlike other places in the country. This is also the weather for most days of the year. It’s not too hot nor too cold…
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self taught real estate photography

Self-Taught Real Estate Photography

The markets in real estate are constantly growing and heating up. The demands too are getting higher. Because of this, real estate photography has never been more essential in selling properties than what we experience today. Since real estate has always been high on demand, competition in photography is thriving. Real estate and architectural photography always go hand in hand. Many people today engage themselves in the practice of real estate photography. Real estate brokers and agents are in partnership with photographers to shoot properties for marketing purposes. Many buyers initially look for pictures or videos of the properties they wanted to buy before having an ocular inspection. But many…
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Basic Drone Real Estate Photography

6 Basic Drone Real Estate Photography Tips You Should Learn

The art of photography has been boosted by drones. They have propelled photography to new heights and have taken the world by storm. Drones have been considered by photographers as a vital source to produce beautiful photos. They have opened up countless possibilities for photographers and videographers alike. Most especially for the aerial views of real estate properties, using drones can bring out unique and interesting perspectives. The use of drones allows every photographer to take photos at a higher perspective. According to Digi Cam Help, drones can instantly change plain old photos into something impressive. One can be truly impressed at how drones are capable of giving unique photos…
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hdr hd estates

HDR Your Real Estate Photography the Quickest Way

The landscape of real estate photography has gone a long way since the turn of the century. Real estate photography involves both residential interiors and exteriors that are taken at different angles. It is known that clients may have different tastes in terms of property characteristics and a perfect shoot may all spell the difference. Time is gold in this advocacy as you also need to consider the time you spend with those you are working with and for those who own the property as well. And when we ponder on what time is the best for photo shooting, not all hours of the day are the same. The so-called…
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