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Best Lens for Real Estate Photography

What is the Best Lens to Use for Real Estate Photography?

When it comes to real estate photography, having the right gears make a huge difference in the quality of output that you deliver. The right camera and the right lenses, along with other accessories, are necessary tools to help you get started in the industry. Altogether, they create the perfect image with the quality that your clients would want. Of course, post-processing is a different story. But, having the right tools will allow you to venture into this industry. Cover the bases Make sure that you got the bases covered. You can start off with real estate photography even at the lowest possible cost. Get an affordable DSLR or mirrorless…
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What is real estate photography

What Do You Need for Real Estate Photography?

Getting started with real estate photography can be challenging for a newbie photographer. The industry can be competitive and there’s a huge pressure in selling properties real fast through amazing photos. However, there are a lot of opportunities with being a real estate photographer. It always pays to be knowledgeable in this industry in order to book clients who are willing and able to pay for your services. What is real estate photography? Before you get started, you have to know first what this type of photography is and how it works. Real estate photography is a kind of photography that deals with architecture, be it residential or commercial. This…
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basic HDR image

How to Edit RAW Real Estate Photographs Using Lightroom

Understanding the editing process is necessary for every photographer, especially if you’re in the business of real estate. You need to know the methods of post-processing so you are familiar with the necessary steps that you have to take in order to achieve the output that you need. From the photo shoot down to the post-processing, a professional photographer should know the methods involved in order to produce quality photos that will sell properties right away. Shooting RAW For photographers, shooting RAW is a must. Unlike JPEG, the RAW file format captures all the image data that can be captured by the sensor. JPEG, on the other hand, has compressed…
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Real Estate Photography Camera Settings: The Essentials

Different kinds of photography utilize different kinds of techniques. When you’re dealing with people, you need direct them and pose them in a certain way in order to achieve the look that you’re going for. With real estate photography, you have to take a different approach. Since your subjects are spaces, you need to style the space and use specific real estate photography camera settings to achieve the kind of look that depicts the property and its market. If you want to delve into real estate photography, make sure that you know the essentials in order to deliver the best photos. Tools You Need Before you start shooting, you need…
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Start Real Estate Photography

Getting Started with Real Estate Photography: Tips and Guide

Real estate is a lucrative industry that every photographer would want to dabble their hands into. This industry is competitive and there is money. Photography plays an integral part in selling real estate properties. Businesses are willing to spend money in order to capture images that will sell properties like pancakes. If you want to test out the waters, you need to be familiar with the industry first and understand the requirements of real estate photography. What is real estate photography? Real estate photography is focused on creating images for property listings or advertorials that will be used by homeowners or real estate brokers in selling. Creativity and delivering images…
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